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Orissa, India
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: Society
: 80G
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Fields of work

: Women Empowerment
: Education & Literacy
: Children & Youth

Mission Statement

Sir/Madam, GREETINGS FROM JANA JAGARANA We are a group of dedicated student volunteers Working since the last 5 years in the Tribal dominated District of Koraput (Orissa), we facilitate rural reconstruction movements to discover, develop, mobilize and release people's potentials and to create opportunities to improve their physical, social, spiritual and productive powers through livelihood, health, education, culture and self development programmes. We are also conducting training, aid and other activities to bring an overall development among the poor, sick, needy, illiterate and handicapped masses of TRIBAL PEOPLE, youth, aged, women & children in association with the different Government Organizations & Voluntary Donor agencies, to enable them to lead a better life. So it will be kind of you if you can incorporate us in your regular mailing list and let us know about your programmes and activities to enable us to work in a better way. Waiting for a positive response from your end. Area of Operation: DIST-NAYAGARH, NUAPADA, (ORISSA), INDIA Encl: Profile of Organisation Yours faithfully (GAUTAM BUDHA SINGH SAMANT) SECRETARY cum EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.
BACK Drop : Consequent on unprecedented devastation caused by the super cyclone, a group of young social activists came forward to serve the poor victims in the sphere of socio economic, health & restoration of livelihood specially of the poor people of backward communities under the banner of a social entity called “JANA JAGARANA” in the year of 2000-2001. Since its inception, the organization has been serving the poor for their sustainable livelihood through various training and awareness, meeting, workshop / seminar amidst constants / problems created by vested interest circle.

Registered as a state level organization it has been intervening in various welfare and development sector with available resources and mobilization of natural resources at community level.

Outstanding credential:
Considering that reorganization of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of children without any distinction of caste, sex and religion, the organization as established a secondary school at Nagira, Pallahada in the district of Angul. Which has been running successfully without any problem.

Registered Address :
• At-1070 (B), Nilakantha Nagar, Bhubaneswar – 751012, Dist-Khurda, Orissa
• Legal Status :
Registered under SRA-XXI of 1860 vide Regd. No. – 21143/282 on dt.16.01.2001
by the register of Societies Orissa, Cuttack.

Vision Statement :
Articulating a society free from hunger, unemployment, exploitation, caste prejudice, gender discrimination, but embodied with unity, integrity, solidarity and means of sustainable livelihood.
Mission Statement ;
Converting of the visionary thoughts into reality through community participation on the basis of KAP analysis and PRASSIS.

There are many poor people being exposed to dangers relating to socio-economic, health and others means of livelihood in project villages. The women and children suffer immensely as causalities of violence, exploitation, discrimination, sexual abuse, immoral trafficking and so on. The unemployment tendency grows among the educated youths form year to year causing them way-wardness and pace sessionisation in the mind set up such unemployed youths. The case women artisan is more miserable who have completely abundant their trade on become helpless citizen of the area having low source of income. These small / marginal farmers live their traditional farming depending on chemical fertilizers and pesticides which breeds the soil erosion and poisonous impact on crops, water and lands degradation.

The organization owns a capable governing body having experienced members who are engaged in social activities with due collaboration of community based organization local govt. functionaries and Panchayat Raj institution creating a good rapport among them. Besides it has required members of staff and infrastructure to concede the aim and objective of programme related feed forwards.

The first and foremost task of organization to provide required trainings to the poor people as specially the members of landless fancily so as to enable them for sustainable livelihood. Other task includes women empowerment and development of children through providing pre-primary learning and educational back up. In consonance with UN conversion on elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, 1981 and conversion on rights to children, 1989 the organization is intervening on relatable sphere.

C-Commitment :
The main mark, staffs and volunteers solemnly affirm for commitments to give high priority to the women and children, handless labourers and drugs de-addiction and health and family welfare activities.
“Work is Worship”
A-Area of Operation :
District : Khurda, Nayagarh, Puri, Keonjhar, Anugul,
Kalahandi, Bolangir, Nuapada.
Block : 35
No. of villages : 225
Population : 3520000
Major Thirst Area :
• Formation, Nurturing, Bank linkage of SHGs.
• Capacity building of the SHGs leaders.
• Skills, development of women artisans.
• Legal and literacy comp for destitute and helpless women.
• Vocational training to poor women.
• Family counseling
• Normally health checkup camp.
• ASRH (Adolescence and sexually reproductive health education to adolescence girls).
• Seminar on STD and AIDs.
• Health education to newly married women.
• Environmental educational to secondary school students.
• Live skill education to dropout adolescence.
• Vocational training to unemployed and educated youths.
• Awareness meeting on organic farming and agro-biodiversity.
• Training to house wives on solid waste
• Management and rural sanitation.
• Disaster management
• Organization on working children for providing nutrition and mainstream education.
Full time – 22Members
Part time – 20 Members
Volunteers – 50 Members

Specific Objectives :
• To empower the women through providing appropriate training back-up for their empowerment and development in socio-economic sector.
• To establish short-stay home for destitute and helpless women to provide bounding lording and legal literacy facilities.
• To setup crθche units for minor children of working mothers for providing pre-primary, learning nutrition medical aid and re-creactionary facilities.
• To impact viable trainings with uneducated and unemployed youths, small / marginal farmers and house wires on relatable feed-forwards.
• To hold workshop on music therapy and rare performing arts for promotion and popularization.
• To promote the environment through plantation and other activities for eco-logical development.
• To emphasizes agro biodiversity for purpose of prevention of soil erosion and land degradation.
• To organize rescue and relief operation and rehabilitation activities for victims of natural calamities.
• To organize software and hardware activities on rural sanitation.